If You’re Struggling to Buy a Home Due to Bad Credit, Foreclosure or Divorce… I’ve Been in Your Shoes…

That’s right… I’m a three time “loser,” in the eyes of banks and mortgage companies.

Whatever you’re going through…

The financial hardships holding you back from buying a home…

I’ve been there:

Divorce? Check
Bankruptcy. Check
Foreclosure? Check
Bankruptcy. Check again!

And that’s why today, I specialize in helping “lost causes” find and get approved for a new home. I believe that you go through things in life, so you can help others.


Here’s My Story. I Bet it’s Similar to Yours…


I found myself in a place of desperation and hopelessness. Even though I had the support of my family, friends and my husband, I was still very embarrassed and ashamed. We decided to dig ourselves out of this mess and start over.

We didn’t have a lot of money. We were selling our possessions, so we could make the move from South Bend, Indiana to Indianapolis for a fresh start. Someone from our local church in Elkhart, Indiana helped us get connected with a church in Indianapolis. The pastor connected us with David and Tami. They lived in a little home next door to the church and they offered us a place to stay. We camped out in their converted attic with no air conditioning.

We were still bankrupt. Still broke. But at least we had a “home” base. And we were determined to start over and buy a home of our own. Not rent, as everyone told us we’d have to do. But buy. As a Realtor, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. 

We heard from our family members and friends, “…it will take you 7-10 years to recover…” and, “…you will never be able to get credit again.” Local realtors even told us we would need to rent.

On Memorial Day weekend in 1993, we closed on a two-bedroom condo. It only took us only 8 months to buy that condo! 

Our Story of Buying a Home so Quickly after Bankruptcy Traveled Throughout our Church…

Many families with poor credit and foreclosures wanted to know how we did it.

I started meeting with and helping several of these families buy homes in the local area. Rob and Trish – Bankruptcy and Foreclosure, Bob and Patti – first time home buyers with no credit at all, Robert and Minna – first time home buyers with no credit at all, Randy and Holly – Bankruptcy and even the couple we originally stayed with David and Tammy and their little girl Kristen – Bankruptcy just to name a few of them.

It was such a great feeling to be helping people get into homes and start over.

We started a business around our experience and began teaching and traveling nationwide helping thousands of families start over.

During this time, I was able to help thousands of people purchase their 1st homes after their bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale with my expertise and advice.


Now Some of You Reading this Are Saying “Ok That was 25 Years Ago…That Can’t Be Done Now!”

Well, yes it can!


Remember in the beginning, I told you I was a 3 time loser? Well fast forward to 2014.


I found myself divorced and having to file bankruptcy again!


And this time…I had a foreclosure and a short sale!


But I managed to buy a home and closed on that home July 27, 2017.

Bridging the Gap Between Home Ownership & Credit

Everyone has a story.

Things happen in life. Divorce, job layoffs, lost income and sometimes these events can cause bankruptcy, poor credit, short sales or foreclosures.

But these credit hiccups are not forever. It does not need to be the end for you.

Maybe you have not even tried because you are not sure where to go and what to do.

Timing is Key!

The one thing I have learned is time heals everything.

When I was going through my divorce and bankruptcy a 2nd time, the phrase, “This too shall pass…” was constantly on my mind.

For some people buying a home might seem like “Mission Impossible

But I am here to tell you it is “Mission Possible“.

With the right guidance and information, it is possible to own a home again.


A Little About Me

Meet Sassy! She is a Yorkie terrier but is a little bigger than most, so I think she might have some Silky terrier in her as well.

She is the sweetest thing and is so loved. And did I say spoiled! She has definitely lived up to her name and more.

I Am Currently Engaged to Michael…

I absolutely love and adore him.

We both enjoy traveling, music and Notre Dame Football.

Several times a year we will attend a concert at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center (formerly known as Deer Creek Music Center).

We enjoy traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the winter months and enjoy spending time at Sweetwater Lake at his Mom’s place in the Summer.

Notre Dame Football is always on the calendar for us in the fall. We try to go to at least one home game every year.

Michael is currently working part-time as a massage therapist and he is a real estate agent as well.

I do have many nieces and nephews and love each and every one of them! AND I am proud to say…. I do spoil them!


Now that you know my story, I want to know yours.

What’s holding you back from buying a home?

You have nothing to lose by emailing me.

Hope to hear from you. And remember…

Timing is everything.